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Now Virtual! This Year's Made in Maui Event!

7th Annual Made in Maui County Festival - Envisioning & Creating a 100% Virtual Event

Can you believe it’s November!?!  Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte and all things comfy and cozy to you and ohana.  The team here at Envisions has been playing it super safe working from home with the option of going to the office as needed.  Elections and covid craziness aside, home printer ink is another super irritation.  Had no idea how fast those little buggers evaporate when remote schooling and working is involved. Someone hit-up Hewlett-Packard and bring their group to Hawaii, we gotta start making our $$ back.

For those interested in retail therapy, the 7th Annual Made in Maui County Festival is this coming weekend, Sat 11/7 & Sun 11/8.  This is usually a live event that draws over 10,000 people to the MACC but due to lucky year #7, and covid, it is 100% virtual.  You’ll be able to enjoy shopping, entertainment, giveaways and other fun things live streamed to you via EnvisionsLive!, our cool side-hustle. 

We are honored to be a part of this year’s festival.  Come check us out and support Maui County small businesses. Register at

Hope to “see you” there! 

"This month's tip is an event Do!  

Remember to give our creative team a call should you have a client that is interested in a 100% virtual or hybrid event.  We love thinking outside the box and can help you keep ahead of this virtual game."


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