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Add a pop of color, sparkle and ahh to your event with festive fireworks displays! Our pyro productions include everything from colorful and grand displays for weddings to flame tower for concert stages! We can coordinate the displays with music, motion and so much more! Lasers, colored flames, cyro and confetti, smoke, lighted set pieces and logos are just a few of the spectacular special effects we can produce with our fireworks team. We customize our displays for your event! 

Special Effects

Weddings, anniversaries, holidays, tree lightings, we can create a custom display for any special occasion!

Sky Concerts &

Ariel Musicals

Make your concert or festival dynamic with ariel displays, flame towers, lighted logos and more! 

Create a production in the sky with fireworks set to song! Entertain your guests with dancing fireworks and magical ariel displays!

Concerts &






Laser and color flames, lighted logos and signs, anything is possible! Make your brand memorial by displaying it in lights!

Special Effects

& Pyrotechnics

Low Level & 

Ariel Displays

Cyro & confetti, smoke, flames, fireworks,  make your team entrance bold and spectacular and your winning celebration memoriable!

We create a display that fits your event location by offering both ariel displays that light up the sky and low level for more intimate productions. 

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